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Fresh Stables Toffee - Chocolate and Toasted coconut English Toffee

Fresh Stables Toffee - Chocolate and Toasted coconut English Toffee

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From Stable Freshness to Delectable Sweetness

Savor the morning freshness with Fresh Stables Toffee, a delightful creation inspired by well-maintained stables. The combination of bittersweet chocolate and toasted coconut transports you to the rewarding atmosphere of fresh, clean stalls.

Crafted from Tradition, Loved by All

Our journey into the world of toffee began nearly four decades ago, rooted in the cherished tradition of small-batch craftsmanship. In 1983, the very first batch was lovingly prepared, destined to become cherished gifts during Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah celebrations.

This toffee swiftly became an icon, delivering not just a delightful taste but also the timeless warmth of nostalgia during the holidays. Over the years, it didn't just get better; it soared to new heights, claiming the prestigious title of "Best Toffee in America" for three consecutive years!

Why Choose Fresh Stables Toffee?

A Touch of Freshness:

Experience the delightful blend of semi-sweet chocolate and toasted coconut, all embraced by the richness of butter and pure cane sugar

Versatile Pleasure:

Elevate your gatherings, from soirees to get-togethers and tastings featuring wine, whisky, or beer, with the unique and delectable flavors of Fresh Stables Toffee.

Premium Ingredients:

Each box holds 4 ounces of meticulously handcrafted toffee, showcasing the finest ingredients—semi-sweet chocolate, toasted coconut, butter, and pure cane sugar.

Experience the freshness and delight of Fresh Stables Toffee.

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