Texas Rose

Cowboy Toffee Co.


Rose & Dark Chocolate Toffee!

Our Most Romantic Flavor Ever!!

WOW your Valentine with flowers & chocolate all in one pleasurable bite!

The perfect gift this Valentine's Day!

The light has faded away to a candle with lambent tongues of flame, as you pour your love a glass of their favorite Pinot Noir. Andrea Bocelli playing softly in the background, a foot massage, as warm water languidly fills a bath of bubbles for your muse. The exquisite dark chocolate and faint floral sweetness of roses kiss the air as you both fall softly into InTOFFEEcation and bliss.

Ingredients: Butter, Pure Cane Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Rose Petals, Bee Pollen*, Vanilla

Each box contains 4 ounces of candy.

*Possible Allergen

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