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Ghost Town Toffee - Dark chocolate & Ghost Pepper English Toffee

Ghost Town Toffee - Dark chocolate & Ghost Pepper English Toffee

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Where Heat Meets Heritage - A Tale of the Ghost Town

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the dust-choked streets of a town forgotten by time. Here, in the heart of the wild west, two cowpunchers face off in a clash of honor and fiery determination. Tempers flare, and as the tension reaches a fever pitch, the gunslingers draw their weapons, and the pistols start smokin'. It's a scene reminiscent of a dark and haunting specter—a Ghost Town, where the echoes of history collide with the present.

Crafted from Tradition, Loved by All

Our tradition of crafting exceptional toffee started four decades ago, rooted in the age-old practice of small-batch perfection. In 1983, our very first batch emerged from our kitchen, destined to become cherished gifts during Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah celebrations.

This toffee quickly became a beloved favorite, evoking joy and a heartwarming sense of nostalgia during the holidays. Fast forward to today, and it has only grown more remarkable with age, achieving the prestigious title of "Best Toffee in America" for an unprecedented three years in a row!

Why Choose Ghost Town Toffee?

The Spice of the West:

Ghost Town Toffee is a daring fusion of dark chocolate and ghost peppers—a flavor experience that balances the richness of dark chocolate and the smoky heat of ghost peppers, enhanced by butter, pure cane sugar, almond dust, and a touch of salt.

A Wild Pairing:

Perfect for any man cave, it's the ideal accompaniment to beer, no matter its color or kind.

Unforgettable Gifts:

This toffee makes for an extraordinary gift, especially for him, and is a must-have addition to your camping essentials, housewarming surprises, stocking stuffers, or memorable holiday gifts.

Premium Ingredients:

Inside each box, you'll discover 4 ounces of meticulously handcrafted toffee, featuring the finest ingredients—butter, pure cane sugar, dark chocolate, almond dust, ghost peppers, and a hint of salt.

Experience the untamed spirit of the wild west with every bite of Ghost Town Toffee. It's a taste of heritage and heat, blended to perfection.

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