About Us - Founders of the Cowboy Toffee Tribe Celebrating 12 Years!

Howdy Y’all,

We are Samantha and Daniel McGinnis. We own and operate Cowboy Toffee Company. We started this small business on November 1, 2011 in California’s “Cowboy Capital of the World” Oakdale. In June 2018 we “pulled up our stakes” and moved to Ranger, Texas. We sure do love our town and the kind folks in it! We are free-spirited, hard-working and full of gumption. We honor our family, friends and our freedom. From the combination of these ingredients flows our inspiration.

Entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted. Who would have thought that owning your own small business would prove to be full of adventure and possibility? We have found our passion and our life pursuit. Like the brave folks who settled the Wild West, we blaze our own trails.

We are really zealous about associating our toffee flavors with a bit of history from the American Old West and the not so old. We are very fortunate to have had interactions with fantastic folks who keep the COWBOY lifestyle relevant in all its various meanings today. From Ranchers to Rodeo, we appreciate all y’all! We thank our youngest son, Judah who is a skillful ranch hand and tie down/team roper that introduced us to cattle brandings with Bonnie and Bruce G. and Billy Ray F. To our ‘LEGEND ’Jerold Camarillo, his Sweet Sis Christie and ALL of Camp Jerold; Julio Moreno and Bushwacker; Tuf and Tiff Cooper; Trevor Brazil, Marcos Costa. We appreciate Oakdale High School, The Oakdale Cowboy Museum, The High School Rodeo Association and many other FANTASTIC folks along this journey. Your contributions to us are unforgettable.

Thank you kindly,

Samantha & Dan

P.S. if you ever wonder what we do in the off season? Restoration Fields Farm