About Us

It was the year 1976 that we first moved to Oakdale. As a child I went to Valley Home School. We moved here and there around different parts of California. Yet we always managed to return “home”. In 1983 I attended Oakdale High School for my freshman year. I only remember a few things I really liked about school. I mean, that actually had to do with learning something useful. One of them was home economics. I learned how to make this English Toffee recipe before Christmas break. So, as an experiment, I made this candy for gifts that year. Needless to say it was a huge hit with my family and friends. Subsequently I have continued this as a gift each year ever since. Hence the original flavor with Semi-Sweet Chocolate and Chunky Roasted Almonds- The Mustang… Go Mustangs!!!!

My Husband Daniel is not only my best friend and brains behind the business. He is an amazing chef. Although not formally trained both of us managed a restaurant/kitchen for 4 years. We have had our share of crazy caterings, menu plannings and mad rushes to get the food out and looking great. We love creating food in perfect bites. Layering the flavors as your taste buds process each portion.Friends hire us to prepare feasts for their special occasions. On that account the Toffee is the perfect venue for our creativity. We have had a lot of fun with the names of our toffee. We are always thinking up new flavors and combinations. We will introduce seasonal and limited time flavors here and there. We anticipate lots more to come.

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Samantha & Dan