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Bushwacker Toffee - Semi-sweet Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pepitas & Fresh Sage English Toffee

Bushwacker Toffee - Semi-sweet Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pepitas & Fresh Sage English Toffee

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Thanksgiving in a Bite!

Thanksgiving Memories, Legendary Spice - A Toffee Tribute to Bushwacker

Indulge in the flavors of the season with our Bushwacker Toffee, a delicious ode to all the standout tastes that make Thanksgiving our cherished happy place. Crafted with love and inspired by the warmth of cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, and fresh sage, this toffee promises to evoke not only a sensational experience on your taste buds but also cherished memories of joyful and thankful times spent with loved ones.

Crafted from Tradition, Loved by All

Our journey into the world of toffee began an incredible 40 years ago, rooted in the cherished tradition of small-batch perfection. In 1983, the very first batch was lovingly prepared, destined to become cherished gifts during Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah celebrations.

This toffee swiftly became an icon, delivering not just a delightful taste but also the timeless warmth of nostalgia during the holidays. Over the years, it didn't just get better; it soared to new heights, claiming the prestigious title of "Best Toffee in America" for three consecutive years!

Why Choose Bushwacker Toffee?

Thanksgiving in Every Bite:

Embrace the essence of Thanksgiving with each bite, featuring fresh sage, semi-sweet chocolate, oven-roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and a dash of pumpkin pie spice.

A Legendary Tribute:

In honor of Oakdale's three-time World Champion Bucking Bull, Bushwacker, owned by our friend and Oakdale local Julio Moreno. Known as "The Champ," Bushwacker won his titles in the Autumn at the PBR Finals in Las Vegas. This bull, ridden only once in sixty-three outs and now retired, truly embodies the spirit of legendary spice.

Versatile Pleasure:

Elevate your gatherings, from soirees to get-togethers, and tastings featuring wine, whisky, or beer, with the exceptional flavors of Bushwacker Toffee.

Premium Ingredients:

Each box holds 4 ounces of meticulously handcrafted toffee, showcasing the finest ingredients—semi-sweet chocolate, fresh sage, oven-roasted pepitas, and a hint of pumpkin pie spice.

Experience the spirit of Thanksgiving and the legendary spice of Bushwacker in every delectable bite of this special toffee.

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