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Chuckwagon Toffee - Alderwood Roasted Coffee & Hickory Smoked Sea Salt English Toffee

Chuckwagon Toffee - Alderwood Roasted Coffee & Hickory Smoked Sea Salt English Toffee

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An Expedition for Your Taste Buds - The Chuckwagon Experience

Step into the rugged terrain of flavor innovation with Chuckwagon Toffee, where tradition meets adventure. Inspired by the legendary Chuckwagon, a vital part of cattle drives in the late 1800s, our toffee pays homage to Charles Goodnight, the Texan rancher who pioneered this mobile kitchen concept in 1866.

In those days, chuckwagon fare was hearty and practical, designed to fuel cowboys on long cattle drives. It included essentials like beans, smoked meats, sugar, coffee, and sourdough biscuits—all cooked over a campfire, infusing each bite with the unmistakable flavor of adventure and the wild west.

Crafted from Tradition, Savored by All

Our journey into the world of toffee began four decades ago, steeped in the time-honored tradition of small-batch craftsmanship. In 1983, we lovingly created our very first batch as cherished gifts for family and friends, becoming a staple during holidays such as Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah.

The response was immediate and effusive, as our toffee brought joy and a delightful sense of nostalgia to those special occasions. Fast forward to today, and our toffee has only improved with age, earning the prestigious title of "Best Toffee in America" for three consecutive years!

Why Choose Chuckwagon Toffee?

A Taste of the Wild West:

Immerse your taste buds in the robust flavors of Alder wood roasted coffee and hickory smoked sea salt, perfectly balanced with the sweetness of milk chocolate, butter, and pure cane sugar.

Versatile Indulgence:

Elevate your gatherings, be it soirées, get-togethers, or tastings featuring wine, whisky, or beer, with Chuckwagon Toffee—a true frontier of taste.

Gifts That Leave an Impression:

Make a lasting mark with corporate gifts, distinctive men's gifts, camping essentials, housewarming surprises, stocking stuffers, or heartfelt holiday gifts.

Premium Ingredients:

Each box houses 4 ounces of handcrafted excellence, painstakingly made with the finest ingredients, including butter, pure cane sugar, milk chocolate, alderwood roasted coffee, and hickory smoked sea salt.

Embark on a flavor expedition like no other. Discover the allure of Chuckwagon Toffee and experience the untamed spirit of the Chuckwagon era, right in the palm of your hand.

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